Toronto Wedding Photographer

About me

Hey! Welcome to my photography website. My name is Sai. It’s really nice that you’re dropping by to check out my stuff. Thank you!

At a very young age, I learned that photography was very important to me. I picked up my first camera at a really young age and used to bring it along with me everywhere. My camera was an essential tool for me growing up. It was a way for me to hold on to my childhood memories and understand the world around me. During my high school years, I had two cameras inside my backpack at all times – just in case if one runs out of battery or spaces in the memory card.

My professional career into photography began when the opportunity to capture my friend’s wedding came up. Ever since then, I have assisted many different wedding photographers in the industry. Over the last year, I began to shoot as a primary wedding photographer and began growing my own photography business.

It will be my pleasure to bring my experience, creativity, passion and professionalism to capture the moments on your very special wedding day.